VR Headset Black Friday 2020 – Amazing Sale & Discount

Black Friday Sale is one of the most anticipated events of the season. It is often followed by Cyber Monday. Both of these events bring you a plethora of deals to stock up your place. Unlike conventional black Friday sales, Amazon is known for releasing deals almost every hour. Thus, it becomes essential to fasten yourself to the seats and grab these deals.

This year around, we can expect Amazon to release another grandiose bargain for electronic devices. Most prominently, the VR headsets. By taking the previous year into account, we bring you our best VR headsets black Friday Amazon might offer this time around. These are the predictions and could be a potential part of the day or lighting deals. However, before we begin, let’s learn more about why it is the best time to invest in a VR headset.

Black Friday – The Best VR Bargain

Each year, in November, Amazon hosts its Black Friday Sale. It is followed by Cyber Monday. Both of these are the best time for you to get amazing deals on electronics. Thus, it is the best time for you to grab the best VR headsets at a price never seen before. The main reason to choose Black Friday sale for VR headsets is the deal of the day and the lighting deals. More importantly, if you’re a Prime member, you get pre-access to some of the best deals.

What Is The Deal Of The Day?

During the deal of the day, Amazon offers a single product at the most massive discount possible. Each day, the product will change, and the value will be more than enticing. As Amazon doesn’t follow conventional black Friday sales, these deals can last for an entire week or more, depending on the duration of Amazon’s Black Friday Sale.

What Are The Lighting Deals?

Lightning deals are similar to deals of the day but usually appear on a whim. These abrupt deals can appear on your platform at any time of the day. To put it in simple words, if you access Amazon, lightning deals change anywhere from five minutes to a couple of hours. The better the sale, the shorter would be the time frame. Although it is a great marketing tactic to stop users from overthinking, it offers fantastic deals. 

List Of Best VR Headsets Black Friday Deals:

1. Oculus Rift S

There isn’t any confirmation whether Oculus will partake in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. However, we can be assured that Amazon will do its best to provide the best discount. Starting the list with a VR with the best gaming library is none other than Oculus Rift S.

This is an excellent selection for PC gamers with ergonomic design and improved optics. It is the latest next-generation addition from Oculus. With a comfortable fit, you get a brilliant performance for high-speed FPS and crisp graphics.

You get touch controllers for a realistic appeal to the game with gesture works. With its complete range of sensors, you gain a real-world type of simulation in the game. The best part about it is that it is self-sufficient.

There is no requirement to invest in extra sensors or parts to go with Oculus Rift S. It comes with the latest compatibility with the best games. Additionally, you have built-in speakers and an option to connect audio output.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic, comfortable, and user-friendly VR headset system
  • Compatible with the top selection of games
  • Self-sufficient with built-in speakers and sensors
  • Great display and brilliant performance
What We Dislike
  • Cable length is shorter than other VRs. It requires separate extension purchase

2. Oculus Quest All-In-One 64 GB

Looking at the Oculus and Amazon partnership, you’re going to get some form of benefit on any selection. It can be either through the selection of VR games with the headset or through the discounts. With that in mind, you have Oculus Quest All In One 64 GB VR headset.

As an all-in-one headset, you can plug and play it right out of the box. Use your mobile app to access the world of virtual reality. You get the same integration as the Rift S, that is insight tracking for immersive sensation. There are touch controllers supplied with the unit for a complete VR experience.

For added convenience to the users, it has a beyond room-scale feature. This allows you to play while sitting or standing, without requiring unnecessary movement. Thus, making it great for people who lack space to move freely.

As it is a standalone type VR headset, it comes with the best components for impeccable performance. You don’t need to invest in a PC or other device. While you will need the smartphone app initially, once you configure, you can download and play games through the VR headset.

What We Like
  • All-in-one standalone VR headset
  • Beyond room-scale for users with lack of space to get VR experience
  • Wireless with optimum connectivity 
  • Built-in speakers, earphone jack, and other essential integrations
What We Dislike
  • Battery Life lasts around two hours
  • As a standalone, you don’t get access to high-grade graphic games

3. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset 64 GB

Here you have another standalone VR headset from Oculus that brings you the best personal use. You get cutting edge technology for crystal display and 3D graphics for a private theater appeal. This is more of a socializing VR headset designed to meet your friends, watch movies and catch live tv on the headset.

As it is a standalone headset, you don’t need a PC or other system to connect. You can plug and play immediately and require a smartphone app to keep it under control. You get a controller for easy functions. Oculus is known for its remarkable sound quality with its built-in audio system.

You get the crips audio and display with the system, which brings you an immersive experience. There are thousands of games that you can access on Oculus for a remarkable experience. For user convenience, these headsets are compatible with frames and glasses with utmost comfort.

It is a great VR headset if you’re looking to step into the world and explore it. You get the taste of the simulation and virtual reality while keeping multimedia intact. However, it lacks battery life performance.

What We Like
  • Extraordinary resolution with a higher level of details 
  • Straightforward set up and easy operations
  • A brilliant multimedia device with portability
  • Cheaper than other VR headsets
What We Dislike
  • Lacks battery life. It will require you to buy a power bank or extra battery for uninterruptible performance.

4. HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

HTC is famous as a pioneer of VR systems, and here it is bringing you a mesmeric collection. Right off the bat, you get immersive room-scale with 360-degree controls for the best gaming experience. With 2160 x 2000 resolution, you get the impeccable graphic performance of 90Hz and 110-degree field view.

While you can play it standing or sitting to prevent crashing into a lesser spaced room, you get another vibrant feature. The chaperone feature allows you to draw grid lines in the real world through VR. While operating in VR, you will be aware of your real-world surroundings. This prevents crashing and other mishaps. 

For the best experience, you have access to VIVE Port and STEAM VR for endless fun. You get dual AMOLED screens for vibrant quality and exceptional 6 hours of battery life. Additionally, it is wireless and has easy adjustments to fit you comfortably.

HTC accessories open possibilities for extra investment and customization for real-world experience in VR. If you’re a beginner and looking for a complete VR set, this is a great deal. It is highly cost-effective, and the black Friday offer is going to be a steal! 

What We Like
  • A very user-friendly VR, especially for first-time users
  • Complete VR headset with great features such as room-scaling, 360-degree controls, and grid set for the real world
  • Crisp graphic and sound quality with an immersive experience
  • VIVE Port and Steam VR access
  • Easy to customize and invest further down the line for a better experience 
What We Dislike
  • The setup may be a little confusing for the users
  • Not convenient for people who wear glasses

5. Samsung HMD Odyssey + Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Samsung has managed to leave an impact on the VR headset world with its remarkable HMD Odyssey gear. You get 2880 x 1,600 of incredible resolution paired with 60 to 90 Hz of performance. 110-degree view angle with AKG 360 sound integration puts it leagues above other VR headsets.

The 3K display with built-in sound and mic components brings you an immersive, real-world experience in VR. With 6 degrees of freedom, the Gear is ready for you to plug and play. Its most striking feature is the wearing comfort and comparable lightweight model.

You won’t feel that you’re wearing a VR headset. To prevent accidents, you get a flashlight integration to keep track of the real world without compromising the ‘immersion.’ It is bound to be one of the best grabs of Amazon Black Friday because Samsung is known for providing it at great sales and offers.

Comparatively to previous versions of Samsung devices, this one stands out. Its performance is top-notch with easy setup. You get the best image quality without any requirement for an external structure.

What We Like
  • Great display, sound, and overall performance
  • Comes with fantastic offers that are up for grabs anytime
  • Very lightweight and comfortable with an immersive experience
  • Self-sufficient VR headset which requires no additional investment
  • Compatible with Windows support for a seamless gaming experience 
What We Dislike
  • Field of view is similar to the previous Samsung device
  • Controllers and headset might require individual optimization for performance 

6. PlayStation VR – Marvel’s Iron Man Bundle

Do you want to experience the life of a genius billionaire playboy who is the most loved superhero of all time? Bring your fantasy to reality with PlayStation’s fantastic VR collection. We can expect fantastic deals for this bundle. PlayStation VR is becoming a ‘must-have’ for the gaming enthusiast.

If you own a PS4, then you must get a VR headset. The exceptional quality with the power-packed performance of Sony is a great way to indulge in the VR world. You get an immersive world of Iron-Man as a plus.

PlayStation brings you a set of VR that doesn’t slack in any way. You get two motion controllers with this brilliant masterpiece. It delivers a smooth display with optimum performance. While other VRs may lack in motion control and other performance, by offering minimalist design and features, PlayStation focused on experience.

Therefore, if you want to experience authentic VR simulation, this is the way to go. You get fantastic frame rates, lighting, shades, and shadows that seem like a real world. This is the best addition for gamers. However, it is a PS4 exclusive. 

What We Like
  • Minimalist and comfortable design
  • Maximum performance for immersive real-world like VR
  • Bonus with Iron-Man VR Game
  • Seamless motion control performance
What We Dislike
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 exclusively.

7. B Next VR Headsets

 If you’re looking for the cheapest VR headsets, then these are known to be the best sellers. Compared to other VR headsets that cost hundreds of dollars, B Next brings you a great choice at the cheapest investment. Here you have a perfect gift for anyone.

These are more of a goggle model and not standalone or self-sufficient VR headsets. This model is compatible with smartphones with a gyroscope for an entry-level experience in the VR world. It comes with OD and FD adjustments for user convenience.

Why is this on the list? For those who want 3D experience and seek to give others a feasible set of VR, this is a good start. For a virtual experience such as a virtual roller coaster or 360-degree view, it is a good addition. You can play games on it without any problem.

It is compatible with the majority of phones and doesn’t require a battery or power output. As stated above, these VR headsets are built for the entry-level experience. Don’t expect them to deliver a crisp quality of sound and display. These are the headsets that will ‘get you by.’ And honestly, you are bound to get great deals for these headsets.

What We Like
  • Compatible with the majority of smartphones with gyroscope
  • Doesn’t require battery or power to function
  • Comes with eyesight protection
  • Best for entry-level VR experience 
What We Dislike
  • Not an immersive high-end VR headset with fantastic features
  • Simple 3D immersion at best 


Here’s another addition to the list of the 3D VR Glasses that you can grab at affordable pricing. Once again, this one isn’t built to compete with Oculus, Vive, PlayStation, or any other high-performing device. This one is a simple 3D VR headset for an immersive experience.

The best part about these glasses is that they are compatible with almost every VR app available for smartphones. Thus, you can use the VR feature of different apps, such as YouTube and other streaming services. Alternatively, you can play games that utilize gyroscopes and what not.

If you don’t like Google Cardboard for its design, then these headsets are a way to go. These come in plastic modules and have universal compatibility with a wide range of smartphones. It has high entertainment value and proves to be a well-built product with higher durability.

The most striking feature is the individual optical adjustment for each eye side. It comes with additional buttons that can activate the app on your phone for convenience. Thus, you have a well-rounded product. However, the quality of graphics and audio strongly depends on your smartphone. The factor can’t be overlooked.

What We Like
  • Universal smartphone compatibility
  • Universal VR app compatibility
  • Individual optical adjustments
  • Smart controls for an app launcher
  • High-durability and premium-quality product
What We Dislike
  • These are essentially 3D VR Glasses. Not the high performing tech like VR Oculus, Vive, and others.

Best VR Headsets: Buyer’s Guide

For a beginner, A VR headset may seem virtually similar. However, each one of them has a sharp difference. While the difference between Oculus and Google Cardboard is apparent, there are some other companies and their VR variations that need considerable attention. Hence, we are attempting to explain each type of VR headset available in the market.

  • Oculus Rift: It is a product from a company owned by Facebook. These VRs are significantly designed for VR gaming. However, the real intention was to make virtual socialization accessible. While the company is still working on it, there is no denying that these are state of the art VR headsets you can get.
  • HTC Vive: Sleek, modern, aesthetically pleasing with exceptional performance. These are the qualities of an HTC Vive VR headset. Partnering with Valve and Steam VR, HTC brings you the best in class VR experience with better control options.
  • Samsung Gear VR: While the previous two are widely compatible with various devices, especially PC, Samsung brings you a partner for your smartphone. These VR headsets are considerably more affordable than Oculus or HTC. Furthermore, you gain similar features and remarkable performance as Oculus as it is a partner company for Samsung.
  • Google Cardboard: A funky cardboard design, google cardboard is not about HMDs that the other three options offer. These are initially 3D VR Goggles designed to be universally compatible with different smartphones. The aim is to work with various apps and their VR features to bring you a high entertainment video on your smartphone device. These are significantly cheaper than other options. It is essential to understand that while we mentioned companies, it is true that there are other rising companies in the market. For example, Google Cardboard is not the singular 3D VR glass manufacturer. The two in our review list are not its products but a standalone company. Let’s learn more about the different types of VR.
  • Standalone VRs: These VR headsets don’t require any additional hardware to function. You don’t need a PC to plug them with. These are usually self-sufficient with a battery and in-built components for performance. However, they lack considerably in performance and VR quality compared to VR headset gear. Usually, you might have to access their app through your smartphone, but it doesn’t rely on your smartphone for performance.
  • VR Headset Gear: A VR headset gear comes with vital features and functions such as touch controls, motion controls, and other accessories. These are power-packed VR systems built to connect with your PC or a gaming console. While they may have built-in components, they heavily rely upon the power of your console. Therefore, they bring you the best performance, graphics, sound, and VR experience overall. However, you might have to invest in your console and its upgrades to withstand VR performance.
  • VR Headset: A VR headset is a toned-down version of the complete Gear. These work with gaming consoles and PCs. The critical difference is that you’d need to invest in external sensors, cameras, and other hardware components. These are good for those looking to invest in a VR headset gradually instead of purchasing in a single sweep. These are user-friendly and have freedom of customization.
  • 3D VR Goggles: These are built for entertainment purposes and to bring you 3D and VR experience with your smartphones. There isn’t anything else you need to know about these. We’ve already covered their explanation in the Google Cardboard section.

Points To Consider Before Purchasing A VR Headset:

Here are a couple of tips and points for you to consider before you purchase a VR headset.

  • Determine the purpose of your VR. Do you need it for entertainment or gaming experience? For an authentic VR experience, you’d need to invest in a high-grade VR headset.
  • If you’re a beginner, start with 3D Glasses VR Headset and see if you have a taste for VR.
  • You can buy a VR headset and build it from there as time goes. However, the drawback is that the technology may end up falling back with the latest innovations.
  • If you want a VR for a gaming console, consider the ones the company offers for the consoles.
  • How frequently do you plan on using the VR headsets? If not too often, it is better to go for cost-effective ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. How Much Can You Expect To Save On Best VR Headsets On Black Friday Sale?

Ans: Last year, the discounts almost touched a new height and helped people in saving a decent amount on VR headsets. This time around, you can expect a better discount. Each year, the sales get better, and you may expect the same results with better saving options.

2Q. What Goes On Sale During Black Friday On Amazon?

Ans: Amazon offers heavily discounted sales on almost all of its categories. The entire world sets its eyes on Amazon for these sales. However, it is not a single day event. It often starts on the first or second Friday of November and ends last Friday of the month or the first Friday of December. The timing often changes, but the deals will be revolutionary.

3Q. What Is The Best Time To Shop On Amazon Black Friday Deals?

Ans: Thanksgiving and actual Black Friday would be the best time to grab deals on Amazon Black Friday Sale. This is the time most of the staff tend to focus on getting the deals for themselves. If you miss some of the deals on electronics, don’t you worry. Amazon is known for offering cyber Monday starting on Saturday (next to the closing Friday for Black Friday sale), which lasts until Monday. So you will get plenty of other deals to grab.

4Q. Does Prime Membership Get Additional Benefits On Black Friday Deals?

Ans: Prime membership brings you early access to some of the best lightning deals. The deal of the day is open for you earlier, and you get better shipping options. Amazon is known for favoring prime members one day or another. This time around, you can expect the same result. Thus, it is a great idea to get a prime membership. If you don’t have that, try for the trial membership during the black Friday Amazon sale.


VR Headsets are relatively new in the market and hold a lot of potential for the future. Therefore, you can still deduct somewhat slack in performance and experience. If you want the best VR headset black Friday Amazon sale, then we have mentioned the possible deals and discounts you may get. Most of the VRs are costly.

If you miss a Black Friday sale, it is a good idea to stay tuned for the Cyber Monday Sale. Both of these will prove to be fruitful for you. It is about time to start saving because the sale is not far away. From small benefits to up to a high percentage in discount, we have no idea what they might offer. Nothing can be indeed predicted. All we know is that Amazon will undoubtedly come through and surprise us again with its Black Friday Sale.